Setting up new site using wordpress and dream Host

I have a domain name and hosting through website tonight from godaddy. Bottom line; I hate it. But I need templates, I don’t know much. I purchased a yr trial at dream Host. Word press looks like it would work for my simple mind. Now, what on earth do i do first. I wanted to build the site behind “closed doors” with no rush then publish new improved site and do away with godaddy site when ready. I don’t want site to be down. Please help in plain English. :slight_smile: Yes , I have been reading, and reading DH helps.

Looks like you want to build the site on a free sub-domain, then later attach your domain name to it.

1.)Basic steps are create a subdomain.
2.)Do a one click CUSTOM (not simple) install of wordpress there
3.)mirror or change DNS for the domain.:

Wiki pages to help:

Thank you Lake Rat, I’m off to give it a try!

ok, Lake Rat,
On my manage domain page it shows my (active) webpage listed as registration unknown and DNS only. we will call it
Looks like a successful subdomain indented and reads as says web hosting none.
I received email saying wordpress succussful installation. Step 1. a link is given to set up admin. …The link takes me to open DNS page . I’m stuck now. please advise what to do now.

So it sounds like what you are calling is your domain that is currently residing at godaddy and you have also added it at dreamhost.

That’s fine except at this point all your site traffic from internet will still be directed to godaddy.

There are a number of ways to get around this for site building purposes. One is to use a “” subdomain to build the site, another is to force your local computer to use dreamhost’s DNS. Both are covered in the 3rd link provided above.