Setting up nameserver on domains with DH registrat

I get this report from dnsreport when run against a domain setup in a mydns server.

WARNING: Your nameservers do not include any corresponding A records when asked for your NS records. They probably are not returning the A records when asked, which can prevent some other DNS servers from contacting your DNS servers. They should do this if they are authoritative for those A records (in BIND, you should not use ‘minimal-responses yes;’). The problem record(s) are:

Nameserver x.x.x.x did not provide any IPs
Nameserver y.y.y.y did not provide any IPs

From what I can see it appears that dnsreport expects the nameserver to return an A record for itself, although the domain name used by the nameserver itself is hosted at dreamhost.

Does that mean that I have to delegate the subdomains and from dreamhost to my own name servers and have them answer for themselves?

I had a problem before when I tried to change the name server for a domain to the domain itself i.e at the registrar set and as the DNS servers for I don’t know whether it was the result of some old fashioned DNS setup as it was some years ago.

I have a lot of domains, like www, mail and ftp setup at Dreamhost but I want to leave most of them there but simply set up the name server records ns1, ns2 etc to their own non DH ips. From what I understand child nameservers are not required if the DNS record for the domains at the registrar do not point to the domain itself.What will that require from Dreamhost?