Setting up MySQL with godaddy as my domain host


I’m having a little trouble setting up my MySQL on dreamhost’s servers.

SQL Error: (2003): Can’t connect to MySQL server.

Just to give a little background on my setup. I have godaddy hosting my domain name. I have the nameserver forwarded correctly (website are displaying the stuff right) I have a CNAME pointing to @ and A (Host) @ forward to my dreamhost IP.

I want to say it has something to do with my link between godaddy and dreamhost but I don’t know what to change to get it to work correctly.

If anyone has any information that would be great.


The MySQL server is probably not on your “dreamhost IP”. Are you really using the DreamHost nameservers, or only creating DNS records at GoDaddy?

Thanks for the reply,

I have all three nameservers set on go daddy’s side. On the cname I have MySQL set to value"@" and on the A (host) I have the “@” pointing to the ip of my dreamboat server. The domain, and all sub-domain work. I just can’t get any connection to my MySQL on dreamhost side.


That configuration will not work. DreamHost MySQL does not use the same IP address as your web site.

Any idea on how I’m going to get it to work?

Panel > Domains > Manage Domanis

Click Add New Domain / Sub-Domain

  • Create a [some_random_string] sub-domain

Panel > Goodies > MySQL Databases

  • Click the Add New Hostname button

  • Type a [prefix] in the box, select [some_random_string] from the dropdown and click Create this MySQL hostname now!

Use [color=#3333FF][prefix].[some_random_string][/color] as the db host in your config files.

Thanks, Do I need to edit anything on my godaddy side, CNAME, A (Host)… because it currently have it set up like this:

Did your set up guide.
A (Host): @ VALUE IP of server.

Or do I need to delete CNAME and make only a A (Host) for it?

If you’ve set the DreamHost nameservers over at GoDaddy then there’s no need to touch anything over there.