Setting up mySQL for vbulletin

I just signed up here and I will be installing vBulletin on my site, I’m having problems setting up the mySQL. Possibly one of the main contributing problems is that I have not yet changed the DNS settings from my old host. I’d rather get things up and running here before I switch over.

I have been trying to figure this out with this file here: which basically lets you know if things will run okay on the server. I know how to configure the mySQL on cpanel, but on the control panel here I’m not having much luck.

It asks for four things:
MySQL Server
MySQL Database
MySQL Username
MySQL Password

The only one I think is messing things up here is the first one. I just can’t seem to figure this out and I’ve been trying all nite, seems like I’m missing somthing simple, either in setting up mySQL or filling in that blank with the wrong info.

Any help would be appreciated.

Short answer: MySQL Server is the same as the hostname you added to the database on the Goodies -> MySQL panel. Did you add a hostname?

Long answer:

The MySQL Server is the address of the computer that is hosting the MySQL database. For example, sites might have an “FTP site” for downloading files such as, well with DreamHost you have an “MySQL site” for each database.

So first things first and thats to login to the DreamHost Web Admin Panel. Go to “Goodies -> MySQL” and click on “Add New Database” link. It will ask you to choose a name for the database. Then it will ask you what plan the database will be on.

Now you have a database allocated on the MySQL server. You then have two more things to do:

  1. Set up a user
  2. Set up a hostname

#1 is self-explanatory, its basically the credentials used for a database connection and the permissions granted.

For #2, you need to choose a hostname that would be a subdomain of one of your hosted domains (ie -> but since you haven’t updated DNS yet try seeing if you can do instead. This hostname must not be a currently active hostname, and you can’t use it for other services! This means you can not use for both HTTP and MySQL for example.

It will take sometime for the database to be ready. The Web Panel says about an hour. You’ll know its ready when you can browse to the hostname in your web browser and it asks you to enter the username and password. If you login as the user you added to this database, you can use phpMyAdmin to manage the database.

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Thanks for the detailed response! I think I have a clearer picture of what is going on here, and once I move the site over I think it should be alot easier to set up, but with the current setup I just can’t seem to put all the peices together. I’ll try again a bit later when I have more time and I am more awake.

Thanks again!