Setting up my DNS and A dns?


Hi, I have a non-DreamHost Domain that I want to use on DH,

How should my Nameservers look?
DreamHost mentions an ‘A’ dns, do I use that as my primary or tertiary name server ?



To use a domain with DreamHost, you’ll need to set the nameservers to:

(If your registrar only allows you to enter two, you can leave off ns3.)


Thanks for the reply, but won’t I need to also configure a ‘A DNS’?


No. If you change your name servers with whoever the domain name is registered to AND create a new domain in DH control panel with the same name, DH will do the rest to create and A record.


Ok sweet, It’s up now, awesome. Thanks for your help.

Unrelated, but I keep getting this error when trying to install WikiMedia, I’m using localhost and the DB I made.
edit - doh, had to use



Common error, but well documented in DH ! :wink: