Setting up Multisite - new installation thinks it's old?

Yesterday, I created a brand new WP install in a sub-directory on a domain. I deleted that installation, created a brand new one at the root directory, and used the previous installation’s database. I also went into phpMyAdmin and changed the database entries for the site URL, according to this page: so it would no longer be associated with the sub-directory (at least I hoped so).

Today, I started to set up Multisite, and would like to use a sub-directory structure instead of a sub-domain structure. But I’m getting this restriction:

I know that this happens for installations more than a month old, but mine is only a day old. I’d rather not have to re-configure the network setup after the fact, so is there an easy way for me to fix this so I can do it right from the beginning? Is there another entry in the database that I missed which is preventing me from doing this?

Just to make sure it had nothing to do with my old database, I just tried deleting everything (including the old database), and did a fresh install with a brand new database. I’m still getting the same error.

What the tech?

Multisite gets stupid sometimes.

Ignore it. When you get to the part where you’re given Multisite codes to add to wp-config.php, change ‘Subdomain’ from ‘true’ to ‘false’ and move on. It’ll still work :slight_smile: