Setting Up Minor's Website

I have a few domains and websites already active. I had long ago secured domains for the kids, and now want to activate one of them. Nothing fancy, but something to be used, safely, by an almost 10 year old.

Any recommendations? I was going to just use iWeb. But in the DH set up, is there a way I can set this up so that it’s password protected for the rest of the world? It’s been awhile since I started a site by scratch — but before I design it, I want to set it up as securely as possible.

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You can password protect any site, no matter what you used to set it up:

I use WordPress, which is within a 10 year old’s ability to use for posting.

While it is not world class top level security adding an .htaccess file to the domain root should accomplish what you looking for.

You could set it up to require basic authentication (user/pass), and then if your home IP address doesn’t change frequently allow traffic from there without user/pass… that example isn’t well covered in the dreamhost wiki, but read thru this tutorial it has an example like that.

Thanks. New question: Just as I was setting this up, the last line right after configuration states: Warning: WebDAV-enabled directories will no longer be owned by you, and so cannot be accessed via FTP or the shell…only through WebDAV!

I am not sure what all that would mean for the long-term. Will this make it harder to access or to change? And it states I’d no longer own it?

I don’t think you want a WebDAV directory.

Skip down to the section on that wiki page that has the heading “Using .htaccess”

htaccess and WebDAV are two totally unrelated features. The fact that they’re both managed through the same panel tab is an unfortunate historical quirk.

Thanks! Wow, I didn’t even see the last two responses until now.

Regarding WebDAV vs. .htaccess ---- It appears that creating the WebDAV looks so much less complicated than the .htaccess. I realize these are two different features, but am now wanting to clarify: Would either procedure accomplish what I’m trying to achieve? (I think I have more opportunity to mess up the .htaccess.)