Setting up mail

I have been trying to set up my mail account in either eudora or mac mail and I keep getting a SMTP error on my outgoing mail. I use Road Runner as my internet provider, any help is greatly appreciated. I have been scouring the knowledge base and it seems that using Port 25 might be the problem??

There have been reports on buggy SMTP performance, but it sounds like DH is working on it. Just make sure that you’re using . If you are, and it’s not working, just use your ISP’s (Road Runner’s) smtp.

So I have as my mail server…and as my smtp server? This is in Eudora I am doing this.

Error involving domain name system. -3170…domain name does not exsist.

My apologies, I did not check. They are both I did some digging and found these two KB articles, but as I said before, your ISP’s smtp will work just as well.

I tried using DH and I got an error 554/relay access denied. I’ll try and find out what roadrunners smtp is. Thanks for your help.

You will need to turn on SMTP authentication. (This is the only way DH can know that you are a valid user of the SMTP server.)

I’m all set. Roadrunners smtp in central Florida if anyone has this
problem is I am using Mac mail instead and use as my mail server and the roadrunner one as my smtp. It all works fine now, thanks again for helping me fix this problem.