Setting up Mail on PDA

I’ve got a new PDA, and was wondering what email settings and such i need to set up to pick up mail from my website using Windows Mobile 2.0

i need all appropriate URLs and settings

I use a Dell Axim x30 running Windows Mobile 2003 SE to check my email. I don’t know aobut Windows Mobile 2.0, but on my Axim it’s the exact same settings as when you’re setting email in Outlook or any other client.

username: mxxxxxxxx
password: yourpassword

An easier way to check email with your mobile device is to use Gmail. Yes, Gmail!

Get an account (find a friend with an account, or have the code sent to your mobile phone). In Dreamhost, set your email to forward to that account as well as go to your mailbox. Gmail is set to expand as you need it, so with over 2GB of space you should haven’t to worry about it filling up for a long time. In Gmail, set it so replies are sent from your email address (instead of your address).

Now when I’m checking email from my Axim, I go to and read/reply there. Much better than the built-in messaging client.