Setting up Incoming Mail Server


First, I’m not computer lingo literate, so please keep replies in layman’s terms. Thanks!

I’ve had to reconfigure things in my work computer (MacBook Pro) & Dreamhost since the HeartBleed issue. Since my computer was handed down to me, and verifying the certificate required entering a password for the Dreamhost mail admin (through the Mail program in the MacBook), I do not know that password and the person who’s email address is attached to the admin could not recall it. I therefore went to an Apple store. The only solution they came up with was to delete her email address and set up a new one.

This brings me to my question: how do I correctly set up the “Incoming Mail Server”?
I need correct ‘account type’, ‘description’, ‘incoming mail server’, ‘user name’, and ‘password’. I believe that I have the last two correct, but when I’ve attempted to complete this task (taking direction from a previous forum chat), I get an error message that tells me,
“The IMAP server “Hostname” is not responding. Try checking the network connection, and that the server name is correct. Otherwise, the server might be temporarily unavailable. If you continue, you might not be able to receive messages.”

Please help!

Account type: IMAP

Desc: Doesn’t matter whatever you like

Incoming mail server can be (but that will produce a certificate warning every time you open your email.

User and pass are as created in the dreamhost panel.
“user” as it is created is the portion of the email address before the @ HOWEVER… when you put this in the client use the WHOLE email address

To avoid the certificate error, you can change to your mail clusters name. See the “direct server” section of this article for how to determine that:

You didn’t ask, but SSL: ON with port 993 for incoming and port 587 for outgoing.

NOTE: you MUST set up the outgoing server completely also if you want to be able to send mail. (on iPhones and iPads the screen layout make it look like that is optional… it’s not. Not sure what that looks like on the mac book pro screen, but outgoing DOES have to be configured or it won’t work with dreamhost.

Thank you, LakeRat.

How do I learn what my domain is? As I said, I am not very literate in these technical areas. I don’t know YOURDOMAIN.

So, I need to know which ‘account type’ to choose AND what my DOMAIN is.

Thank you!


what email address did the person before have?

if you set up a new address in the dreamhost panel to use with your mac book, then the user portion would change, but the portion would remain the same.