Setting up Horde or Roundcube



Looking to setup Horde mail or Roundcube. Has anyone else been able to get either of these setup. Really would like to have the ability to change the logo in atmail but DH support says not at this time.

Now I know I can use instead of the and Yes still get the certificate warning popping up but cant get around that.

So if anyone has some instruction or a config file I could see to be of some help.




Do you just want the instructions on installing them? If so, Roundcube is here and Horde is here.

Or have you already tried installing them and run into problems?


Roundcube could not get it to connect to the database.

Trying Horde now…
Following How do I install PEAR?

Working out how to get PEAR installed. Suck on the setting the include_path “-bash: include_path: command not found”

Made a sub domain used the same shell account as the top level.



OK, was able to add the setting to the phprc file located in /home/username/.php/7.3/

Confirmed it with phpinfo.php that I had it set.


Horde is installed now, but can not connect the email server.

I installed Horde mail in to the directory, the webmail domain was freed up when I turned off the DH webmail feature. Then I created a subdomain with

I have tried to edit the /home/myuser/

/* $conf[‘mailer’][‘params’][‘sendmail_path’] = ‘/usr/lib/sendmail’; /
$conf[‘mailer’][‘params’][‘sendmail_args’] = ‘-oi’; /
$conf[‘mailer’][‘type’] = ‘sendmail’; */

$conf[‘mailer’][‘params’][‘host’] = ‘’;
$conf[‘mailer’][‘params’][‘port’] = 587;
$conf[‘mailer’][‘params’][‘secure’] = ‘ssl’;
$conf[‘mailer’][‘params’][‘localhost’] = ‘’;
$conf[‘mailer’][‘type’] = ‘smtp’;

I commented out the sendmail settings didn’t see it other post that I found but not sure what is correct for the settings yet. In other screenshot of the login I can see a sever selection so not sure what has to be configured now.



Anyone have a configuration that they can share. Almost have it working just need to know what to put in the conf.php file or it is the correct file to be editing…



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