Setting up gmail on my domain - won't load


I’m trying to set up my domain to use gmail and the google apps. I’ve followed the instructions and as far as I can tell have toggled the right switches:

  1. Setup complete in the Domain Manager panel for Dreamhost. (It says gmail is selected as are google apps.)

  2. CNAME settings look correct.

  3. Account set up with Google Apps. The dashboard says all is good and configured, and the setup is to use to access.

All seems well and good, except that will not load.

I get the standard “Unable to connect” error page. Note that the site itself works just fine; it’s only the mail that won’t load.

Only complication I see is that I have a Wordpress site. I suspect I need a plugin or something, but I’m not sure what/how to configure it. Can anyone help?
More info: I can load and from there access mail. I can send email from there, but something’s broken on the receiving end: anything I send (even via reply) bounces.