Setting up ftp access for subdomains?

okay, so my friend has asked me to host her site for her so i’ve created a subdomain off of my site and whatnot and all that is fine and dandy and done with.
however, i can’t figure out how to give her ftp access. i’ve made an web id for her use [using Account Privileges and giving her access to the subdomain] but i’ve been testing out the id and password [because i want to make sure it works before i send it off to her] but for some sort of reason, even though her id and password connects, it doesn’t connect to the subdomain. it just connects to… something else.

i’ve uploaded stuff into the subdomain using my login [since i have access to everything] and then login under hers and there’s absolutely nothing there.
on the other hand, i’ve uploaded stuff using her login and then try using my own login and i can’t find what i’ve just uploaded.

so i’m pretty sure i’m doing everything completely wrong. and i can’t find seem to find any instructions on what i should be doing.
i figured that i’d be getting an email with the ftp details about it but i set up the subdomain a couple days ago and i think i should’ve gotten an email by now if at all.

please please please please PRETTY PLEASE help me! thanks :slight_smile:

Did you go to Domains -> Web and edit the settings for that subdomain so that “All CGI run as” her user? If so, don’t forget to make the subdirectory that appears there for ‘Web Directory’.

And your FTP user use does not have access to the home directories of other FTP users. If you need to help her manage the files for her, you’ll need to login as her FTP user.

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omg, thank you so much!
i KNEW i was doing something wrong.
unfortunately i’m off to bed so i’ll try that tomorrow.
YAY! thanks again SO MUCH!!
hugs you

OMGA i love you, you’re the greatest.
i only had one problem [it wasn’t really a problem… more like something didn’t happen according to your original instructions… it’s not even a bad thing either] but you said to make the subdirectory after i logged in under her login?
well, i logged in after i changed the ‘run as user’ and whatnot, and there was already a subdirectory for the subdomain.
and it works. i just thought you’d like to know that thanks to you my friend can finally put her site up. YAY!!
thanks again!

I was having the same problem and wondered why it worked from my account and not the other. I assume there’s no way of having access for us both, without using the same ftp ID?

Glad I found the question asked already. Thank you :slight_smile: