Setting up formmail.php

Can anyone out there help me in getting my contact page set up? I don’t understand the instructions I’m getting to obtain formmail.php and then uploading it to my website.

Did you use the wiki entry?

You don’t need to upload your own formmail.php to your account.


I have looked at that page but I don’t know where to insert the programming into what I already have as a contact page with my web template. I don’t know what should stay and what should go.

The snippet in the Example section is enough to get you started. Copy and paste it directly into an HTML file, or embed it in PHP the same way the rest of your HTML is listed in your PHP file.


and what is my PHP file? where is it?

The page you “already have as a contact page” in your web template.

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Ah, it sounds like you haven’t dug into templates yet. What software are you using for your site? If you’re lucky, the software you’re using will let you enter raw HTML into your existing contact page. If not, then you’ll have to create your own web template based on an existing one.