Setting up for WebDAV

My domain is 3 days into being redirected to servers at DreamHost. I can FTP in to the machine name at DH.

I want to be able to use WebDav with DreamHost - I am used to using it in Mac OS X, it’s built-in. I have spent several hours looking at every option in the control panel, and see where to enable WebDAV for a user.

is this correct: “the correct format is http://username:password@hostname/path

When I hit command-K in the Finder in Mac OS X, what do I type?
what variation of

When I log onto the webDAV test site, it’s
This works, and their server mounts on my desktop almost instantly. So no problems with DAV.

I need help understanding the /home/user/directory file structure.

i read the webDAV for Dummies thread on this board, did a search for DAV and webDAV and collated all the threads for the last year.

It’s remarkable how little info about DAV is available as of 4/16/2004, that a non-epert can assimilate.

this is what my directory looks like right now:
(changing only the names of the users)

Index of /

Name Last modified Size Description

Parent Directory 13-Apr-2004 12:15 -
user 1/ 15-Apr-2004 20:33 -
user 2/ 15-Apr-2004 13:28 -
web-content/ 15-Apr-2004 15:44 -
web-data/ 15-Apr-2004 15:47 -
web-settings/ 15-Apr-2004 15:47 -

Adobe Golive put the web-content folders there.

hints and tips, anyone?

WebDAV is working great on my site at DreamHost. I can just hit command K there it is, mounts on my desktop.

But I don’t want to do anything yet before checking on a few things. In other words, I don’t want to mess anything up. So I am asking for help in avoiding trouble.

What is the best directory structure to use within the DAV folder? Where does the index page go? Does it have to be at the top level of the DAV folder?

I just vacuumed up my old site at the other host, where I was using a primitive flat structure - every single HTML file and image in one long directory of hundreds of files. That’s because I was hand-coding the HTML and links and just uploading everything one by one.

Now I just bought GoLive. Do I let it put its structure in my WebDAV folder? On my local hard drive, GoLive made up folders called

GoLive, by the way, has an option to connect with webDAV

I also hand-code my HTML, but I’ve always used a logical structure of subdirectories instead of dumping everything into the root. Some of my comments on site directory structure:

– Dan

have you enabled DAV on a directory yet? If not, go to : goodies: WebDAV and do so.

Then follow the instructions here: