Setting up for bulk emailling in a way that is compliant with anti-spam policies


I need to send out weekly emails to a small list of <1000 addresses. My list lives in mysql on DreamHost. I currently use a universal email software on a DreamWeaver CS4 page, but it is limited to just 100 emails. How do I do this? What code is necessary?


Figured it out.


when you say “it is limited to just 100 emails…” do you mean that the script (software) will only send 100 at a time, or the SMTP you are sending through only does 100 at a time?

I recently did a project for someone where the php script used a Google Apps account (gmail) to send via SMTP. There was a limit with Gmail of some sort…cannot remember what it was exactly, but I made a loop to send 100 emails at a time until all of the emails in the list were sent.

Is your script PHP?


THere is an smtp quota at dreamhost too.

Also to the OP: to technically be in compliance with dreamhost antispam policies you have to keep double opt in information in your database tables. Showing the date/time and IP that the receiver opted in in a double opt-in process. There are other requirements as well, See:


Out of curiousity: if someone is using SMTP via Google Apps to send emails, would DreamHost limit that? What I mean is: would DreamHost even be aware of mail being sent from a script if that mail is going through a different SMTP server?


We would not (and, indeed, cannot), but Google will. The exact limitations are documented at the link below — the most relevant limit here is probably “messages per day”. Google Apps for Business users are limited to sending 2000 messages per day (not per hour!).