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Hey everyone. I’m very new at web developing and I have a question, which may seem very basic to everyone, so sorry if it is a waste of your time. Anyway, I am trying to create fields on my page. By that I mean if a person wants to for example enter in their name, address, age, sex, etc… info I’d like them to enter it into a writing field.

I currently use dreamweaver 2004 and am experimenting a bit with the insert form command. But I have no luck with a submit button. I’m also lost on what happens when someone submits an entry. Does it go to a database somewhere or does all the information get emailed to me?

Thanks alot if you can answer this question.


All questions are good questions. Except when they are bad questions, like “Does anyone know where I can buy Dallas Cowboys merchandise?”

Okay. You need to use a form to collect the information. When the user hits the “submit” button, that information is then sent to a page specified within the action attribute of the form. The form can be sent to itself, or sent to a completely different page (which is usually more useful).

The receiving page will then have access to this information, which you must process in some way. There are many different things you can do with it, including (but not limited to) storing the information in a database or sending it to yourself in an email. What exactly do you want to do with this information once it has been collected?

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I am trying to setup a members page where the information they collect will be added on the site so other people can see. Currently I ask them to send me an email with their information in which I manually add a new html site everytime, but I think creating a page with fields would seem a bit more professional.

By the way, how do you add a submit button on dreamweaver? Do you know the command for it?


To do it automatically, you have two choices. You either need to store the information they submit in a text file (also called a flat file), or you are going to need to store it in a database. Either way, you will need some server-side scripting knowledge to do it.

Adding a submit button is easy. Scripting what will happen once the button has been clicked is the hard part. I have begun constructing a tutorial for handling form submission on the DreamHost Wiki, but it assumes a basic understanding of the server-side scripting language PHP, and it is rather generalized (out of necessity).

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The original poster is not asking how to received the form data in an email, so I’m not sure how that is relevant.

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Here’s the crucial bit of the original poster’s needs, Bob:

That has nothing whatsoever to do with email - the discussion was already well past that. Perhaps you should read the whole thread before responding?

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Thank you Simon and Bob. At this point, any kind of information is a great help to my project. I also apologize if I offended you Simon for double posting. Thought I’d get a broader range of ideas from other users who don’t check the beginners forum.

I will try to look into the tutorial and see with what I can come up.



No reason to apologize - it is just the double-posting is considered bad form when using any kind of forum. One of those “netiquette” things…

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I don’t use dreamweaver much (actually really never) I type all of my stuff by hand but I may be able to help you out. I use a php form mail script. This processes forms sent in from my website ( you can see what my form looks like on . I’m guessing you want something similar to that right? I have created a zip file with the form script, html and a README file that gives extra instructions.

This form is VERY plain. Any alteration to the font etc can be done with an external CSS file.


The original poster said he wanted to have users “sign in” and see their details on his site. That would usually mean storing the information in a database.

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Ah yes, I didn’t catch that part of the other message. Save yourself some stress and get a content management system like Drupal.

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I second using a CMS to aquire and post the information. Joomla can be customized extensively, and there are modules and components that could serve OPs needs.