Setting up Email- Please help



My friend owns a domain and i recently got it from dreamhost. Example

He has an option of creating unlimited emails for example if anyone emails him at or all the mails come to one gmail account.

Basically any emails @his domain name are forwarded to his 1 Gmail account.

I dont understand this process, can you please help me set up.

Its not like he is creating 100 new gmail accounts, he only has 1 domain and anyone who emails with anyname@his domain comes in to his gmail account. Help will be very much appreciated.

I am a beginer so please try to help me out with easy to understand instructions.



If I understand the question I don’t think this can be done.

Individual email accounts could be set to be forwarded to a gmail account via the panel. But to capture all emails to domain you’ll need to set up ‘’ which cannot be forwarded to an outside account (DH policy).



Hello. As the previous poster says, email caught by a DH catch-all address cannot be forwarded; but email caught by a “google apps” catch-all address can be; and dreamhost provides an easy way to arrange for all email addressed to a domain hosted at dreamhost to be handled by google apps.

There are probably many people here ready to give you step-by-step guidance, but I suggest you first look at

and confirm that this is the route you’d like to go.

The main issue that I’m aware of is that if you use google apps, you are the mercy of google’s spam filter, which cannot be turned off and can only be trained to a limited extent.


P.S. some people have suggested ways of by-passing google’s spam filter by using customizable filters, and other people have said this doesn’t work reliably; if anyone has good information about that, please say!