Setting up Email on Outlook

I was wondering if someone could help me set up my email so I can recieve it in Outlook rather than the web site. I’ve searched the Web Admin Panel and can’t find any information on how to do this. I’ve tried to do it the normal way i.e. but it doesn’t seem to work. What am I missing?

You might think about using a mail program that follows the standards better than Outhouse and is less prone to viruses, like Mozilla ( ) or Pegasus Mail ( ).

Anyway, I haven’t had any problem using a POP/SMTP capable mail program to access my Dreamhost mail by using mail.[mydomain] as both the outbound and inbound servers. For outbound mail you need to configure your mail program to authenticate by username/password or else it rejects mail to other sites.

– Dan

Although Outlook has an Internet E-mail Service (no IMAP support in Outlook 2000, though), I’ve never been able to get it to work, though I have only tried it from my corporate network. I value my home machines too much to ever run Outlook on them. I’ve been able to use other email clients on the same corporate network to access my Dreamhost mail server via POP without a problem, so I don’t know why Outlook is so hard to configure for this simple task.

Outlook Express is much easier to setup for POP access, although it shares many of the same security holes (and a few bonus ones) as Outlook. If you haven’t already tried it, I recommend first seeing if you can get Outlook Express or a more secure email client like Mozilla Mail or Eudora to work. Then you can at least determine whether you are having firewall issues with the ports for POP/IMAP and SMTP.

I agree that Lookout (and Lookout Distress) are to be avoided, but both should work just fine with our system via either POP3 or IMAP. Incoming and outgoing mail servers should be (where is your domain); authentication must be checked for outgoing mail under the account.

There is Outlook-specific information (and even a screenshot, I think) in the kbase, which is at If you still have no luck, I’d suggest contacting support.

nootka – I know I’m a little late to the party on answering this but Outlook works perfectly fine with DH – refer to for instructions.

The important part (which I missed initially) is to make sure the “My server requires authentication” is checked in you DreamHost account properties “Servers” tab…

How come the Knowledge Base has specific setup info only for those lousy Microsoft mail programs, and not any good ones like Pegasus or Mozilla?

I suppose I could buy an explanation that “Pegasus and Mozilla users are clueful enough to configure their own mail programs without such handholding, unlike Outhouse users,” but it still makes it seem like Dreamhost is actually endorsing the user of that MicroCrud…

– Dan

It’s a combination of that explanation, and the fact that most people do use Outlook.

The kbase is (at least partially) there to field questions that are commonly asked of support; Outlook configuration is one of the topics our support team is most commonly asked about, and that’s why we have very specific instructions.

The mail section of the kbase is definitely out-of-date, and needs to be updated (with more client-specific information, more pictures, and a more unified style). It’s a project I will probably tackle at some point if / when I get the time.

Perhaps the users of non-Outlook mail clients might volunteer instructions for configuration on their chosen client, and submitted for review to KBase personnel?

[quote]Perhaps the users of non-Outlook mail clients might volunteer
instructions for configuration on their chosen client, and submitted
for review to KBase personnel?


Sounds good to me!

If anyone wants to do this, post your setup instructions to your site and post a link (either here or to me via the private mail function).

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How to set up Pine to work with Dreamhost

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You might want to add /ssl/novalidate-cert to the folder collections (or at least suggest it if Pine has been built with SSL).

Also, you may want to link to the kbase article on console-based MUAs

OK, here’s my quandry (however you spell that :wink: )

My parents (read, not technically inclined) want to use my domain for email. Simple enough, I set it up in outhouse express to use imap, set it so the imap’s inbox is default and all that other stuff that they don’t care about. My problem is I want the sent messages (and trash, but not a biggie) on the imap server to be the location where mail gets stored when they send mail. that way they don’t lose their sent messages. this is all from v6.0 of outlook express

I tried going to tools -> accounts -> my domain -> properties -> IMAP and checked the “store special folders” box and set the folder names. But it is still being stored on the local computer.

I am a PMAIL person myself, and I don’t use IMAP, so I don’t really know what else to do. Thanks for any replies.

Todd Eddy