Setting Up Email List Subscription

Okay, we recently ported our announcement list over to Dreamhost and I am working through the automation they have. Right now, our "automated’ sign up goes through the forms by Bravenet. Not only does this add work for me, but it puts users through needless hoops.

I get an email saying they want to sign up for the list, then I have to manually enter them into web panel for the announcement list. Then, they get an email asking them to go click on the confirmation button. While trying to sign up, they have to go through all the Bravenet junk.

My understanding is that there is a way to have them sign up directly. They enter their info into a form and Dreamhost automatically sends them a confirmation email. Unfortunately, I do not know how to set this up. My web skills are limited to Dreamweaver and I cannot seem to find any documentation on the procedure to do so.

If anyone can point me to some easy instructions, I would surely appreciate it. You can take a look at what we have at, so you can kind of see what I am going for. Just a form that automatically notifies Dreamhost of a list signup so they can automatically send a confirmation email.

Thanks Much!