Setting up domains?

So I was all set to register here and found out that DH doesn’t register .name domains.
According to the info so far I can have up to 3 different domains on one account sharing the space and bandwidth correct?

So, if I register/host with another .com domain her and go somewhere else to register the .name domain, then I can transfer the .name here to DH for hosting? Will I still retain full email for the .name domain?

With that, does that also mean that I can have separate sites for each domain? As in a family one with the .name one and a hobby one with the .com?

I know lots of ???'s I am learning as I go.
Thanks, Crimson

  1. host 3 domains on one plan
    yes - see DH shared hosting plans

  2. add domains registered elsewhere?
    yes - according to Skybly in this thread, “Domain Registration…outside Dreamhost??

  3. separate sites for each domain?

Aren’t we an agreeable bunch. :slight_smile:
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I’m using a .name domain here, so it’s perfectly possible even though you have to do the actual registration elsewhere.

A noncommercial hobby site probably belongs better in a .org, .info, or country code domain, not a .com.

– Dan

You can have your domain name registered anywhere AND host it here. You don’t have to transfer the domain name.

All you have to do is go to where you have the domain registered and specify that it’s pointed to Dreamhost’s nameservers, which are: