Setting up CVS Part II

Okay now I have gotten as far as running the cvs init command and all the cvs files are copied into ~/home/username/cvsroot.

I have also setup a subdomain that points to /home/username/cvsroot.

Now, what I want to do is use a client like WinCVS to start using the CVS. What are the things I need to do? I am new at this, so a detailed explanation would help most :slight_smile:

some (but not all) questions i would like answered is:
How do I setup winCVS to use the cvs at the subdomain?
How do I first upload my code repository?

Thanks a ton to anyone who can help! :slight_smile:


Have a look at TortoiseCVS, It’s free, and I’ve found it to be much easier than the other 2-3 CVS products I tried.


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Okay, I installed tortise CVS and am trying to add a module to the server.

in tortisecvs when i go to Add a module, I am entering the following parameters in the dialog box:
Protocol: Secure Shell :ssh:
Server: (points to /home/myusername/cvsroot/)
Port: blank
Repository Folder: i’ve tried everything here from /cvsroot to /home/myusername/cvsroot/
Username: myusername

When i click OK, it did ask me for a password, which was authenticated. After that it says something about the CVSROOT not being found.

I need to know what to put in the repository folder…or how to initiate a repository. I’ve already done the cvs init command so there is a folder called CVSROOT inside /home/myuser/cvsroot/.

hellllp :slight_smile: thanks.


I had to use secure shell ext (I couldnt get secure shell ssh to work)

I would choose ext and choose:

Server: your (not your subdomain we can get fancy later if we need to)
Port: [blank]
folder: /home/username/cvsroot
username: yourusername
Module: your choice

Hope this helps.


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thanks a ton :slight_smile: it worked now.