Setting up Cname with Tumblr

Alright. So Im trying to get the subdomain to display my tumblr page.

My main domain is being hosted perfectly fine, but when I go to well yeah.

I went to manage domains > DNS > And I added the custom DNS record with the following info:

Name: blog (That creates the subdomain I assume?)

And saved the info, but it doesn’t seem to be working though?

Anybody know why?

Currently, the DNS record you’ve created is only making the domain exist. If you want to exist as well, you’d have to create another DNS record with the name “” (and the same type and value).

I’m not certain that Tumblr will let you have both. Try it and find out, I guess? :slight_smile:

I dont know, it doesn’t seem to be the case. I created another one with and that time tumblr kept saying “This subdomain’s CNAME is not pointing to Tumblr.”

atleast with the one that was just tumblr said “Your domain is pointing to Tumblr!”

And even still whenever I type in into the address bar it automatically ads the “www”. Every other DNS setting I change propagates in less than 30 minutes on average, if its still propagating I can’t see why it would take so long? If thats the case Ill wait but you know I dont know that might not be the issue.

Do I have to add the subdomain in the domain’s section also in order to get this to work?
Mods can delete this thread, I actually had to keep it on “” instead of just blog. Thanks Andrew F <3