Setting up a Fully Hosted Site

Hi everyone,

I’m very new to running a hosted site and need some help with my basic setup.

I am trying to set up for my site but I can’t figure out what I’m doing wrong in the famous 5-minute install. Where would I find my host name on Dream Host?

Also, I tried to upload the foinished folder into the root directory of my site but can’t get the net2ftp client to upload it as a folder. I tried downloading fetch to use as an ftp client but don’t know where to begin there.

Any help would be vastly appreciated.



Five minute install? How about a one-minute install!

Much easier!

You first need to create a Fully Hosted Domain in which to install WordPress. This is in Domains -> Manage Domains.

Or you can go with the somewhat limited Easy install which takes care of all of this for you, but won’t let you FTP in and edit the files or add themes/plugind.


^ (plus) 1. Search around, ask questions. But use the Advanced Install.

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