Setting up a web counter

I have an existing web site hosted on DreamHost that I want to add a counter to. The web site is The default page for the site uses frames, and I have added a counter to the main page in the frame.

The code I have added is

However when I view the page in a browser I just get the broken image icon instead of the counter.

What am I doing wrong?


Mark Croxford

For one thing, you have an extra “&” in front of the “dd=”.

(frames in general, and align=“center” are another matter altogether :wink: )


Thanks for your help. It was a copy and paste error that I couldn’t see for looking. I removed the offending & and it works now.


Mark Croxford

You are most welcome, Mark; I’m glad you got it working! We all do that from time to time! :slight_smile: