Setting up a User FTP

Hey everyone…

Very simple question that I’ve searched the wiki and forums and have no luck (I’m pretty sure the answer is obvious):

I’d like to set up a folder that a user can upload files via FTP, and then have these files accessible through the web. I know you can grant FTP access to a user, but then how can people access these files through a browser?

Thanks for your help in advance.

I do this with Remap a Subdir:

I appreciate the quick response Scott.

I finally got it to work. For those that are searching and need a little more information on this:

For example, I have a user “Dave” - what I want to set up is: - where the user can upload his own files via FTP and then access it online.

So now with the remap I have this:


Maps to Path

Thanks again for the help! Apologies for the newb question…

The /home/user_dave/ part doesn’t have to be so extensive. It could just as easily be /home/DAVE/EXAMPLEdir/
Remap will let you pick any folder in Dave’s home directory. The long format pmish used might cause Dave to be confused as to where the rest of is if it’s not showing up in /home/dave/
As long as Dave understands how Remapping works, then it should be fine.