Setting up a tripod like service?

software development


Does anyone have any ideas how I could set up a script to create subdomains once a user has registered?

I am looking at creating sort of a limited tripod/geocities style site and just looking into the feesability.


I think the easiest way to handle this is to have a wildcard subdomain set up for you by support and to do everything else via scripts or htaccess.

Scripting the creation of subdomains was hampered by SEO madmen who created thousands of subdomains automatically and forced Dreamhost to institute a capcha for that part of the panel.

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Would they be cool with setting up a wildcard subdomain?


Wouldn’t hurt to ask :wink:

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In my experience, it depends a bit on what you plan to do with it, and how you plan to manage it. I have heard that they have done it in some instances, and that they have not done it in others (which is pretty much what is said about it in the DreamHost Wiki). :wink: