Setting up a new user for FTP

Hi there,

I’m hosting a site I have made for a mate on my account. I want to create a new user for him so that he can login and update his site. However, I need to make it so that he cannot see any of my other sites or have access to anything but the directories that I grant him access to (basically just his site).

I have tried doing this based on what I could find on the DH wiki, but in testing it found that the additional account I created could view my sites as well as his.

Could someone please point me in the direction of a wiki article that explains how to do this, or indeed simply explain it to me.

Many thanks for your time.

Create that new FTP user. Then you can edit that site (Panel: Domains -> Manage Domains) and change the FTP user, then check the option to Move Files. Then he can edit it, but you’ll have to log in as him if you want to edit it as well.


Hi Scott,
Thanks for the reply.
I have now tried what you have suggested and indeed he can only access his files. However, in my FTP program (Cyber Duck) I can still access his files under my user. Have I missed something?
Thanks for your help,

I’ve not tried this procedure, but it’s quite possible that the “Move Files” part of the setup may just be a copy and what you’re seeing are the originals. If he modifies one of his files, does the modification show up in your FTP?


You’re accessing your files, not his :wink:

The process you followed above simply copies the domain’s files over to the new user and sets internal pointers that indicate the domain now resides within the new user’s account.

You can remove the folder containing his domain files at your user’s account.

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Thanks very much for the advice guys. All sorted now.
Over and out