Setting up a new site that is hosted elsewhere

Hi All!

Ok, I am wanted to move my current site that is hosted on GoDaddy, to have it hosted on DH.

My current site is hard-coded HTML, and I am wanting to use WordPress instead. So I won’t be moving files per se; what I want to do is get WP all configured and pretty before changing the nameservers to point to DH. Is this even possible? If it is, I have NO IDEA how to do it. :slight_smile:

Here’s what I have done so far:

  1. Added my domain to my DH account (it’s
  2. Did a 1-Click install of WP.

That’s about as far as I got. I am able to use WebFTP to actually get into the directory on DH, but I can’t get into WP to set up my admin account. What happens is that when I click the link in the 1-Click install email, it actually takes me to my site over on GoDaddy, and of course gives a 404 error.

So, I would really appreciate anyone’s help in solving this. Maybe what I am trying to do is completely goofy, and what I actually need to do is just use FTP to copy my site over to DH, change the DNS servers, and then wait for that to take effect before I can work on my “new” site?

Thank you!

I’ll bet you all figured that if you left me to my own devices, eventually I would figure out how to do this all by myself.

The simplest solution for me was to just edit the “hosts” file on my own computer, to force it to look at DH. This is actually a really perfect solution for me because I don’t have to deal with subdomains, mirrors, or anything else that I was reading and didn’t understand.

I just have to remember later to change it back. :slight_smile:

Thanks everybody who read this anyway! :slight_smile:

I know you have found your own solution but there was an alternative. Since you had not updated the DNS settings at godaddy you would have needed to go to Add Domains/Sub-domains create a sub-domain (i.e. which is free) and set it to be a mirror of That way you could work on your site here using the sub-domain until you are ready to switch over the DNS of your domain name. You would need to update the url information accordingly when you did change the DNS settings in the configuration files of wordpress.

Ryo-ohki, THANK YOU for the reply. I’ve seen other posts about mirroring but I just did not understand it, but your reply was very clear.

I do have another site to do that is very similar, so I will try it the way you have suggested.

Thanks! :slight_smile: