Setting up a mysql DB problem

I have purchased a website and am in the process of transfering it to my dreamhost account. The site uses a mysql database.

I have added the domain to my dreamhost account and have uploaded the files via FTP. The nameservers for the domain are not pointing at dreamhost yet, they are still pointing at the previous owners host.

I have set up a new db and a new mysql hostname ( My problem is that it has been a few hours and I can’t connect to the mysql database yet.

I know it sometimes takes 1 day for new hostnames to ‘propagate’ but I need to know if I need to change the nameservers before I can connect to the new mysql hostname.

Thanks for you help, I hope my question is clear enough.

The sooner you change the nameservers, the better.

How are you trying to connect to the new database? You can always try connecting it via its hostname, which you can find in the panel under Status for MySQL: