Setting up a Membership site AND A BIG THANK YOU TO DREAMHOST

Hey … I’m new … I just found Dreamhost 2 days
ago … and I’m nearly wetting my pants I’m so
excited at being a member.

I have a few sites hosted up on Yahoo (not my choice,
they bought out Simplenet), Hostmysite (cool customer
service),and of course … GO DADDY (where you can buy
a 4.99 domain and in the tiny small print … only if you
buy that year’s hosting plan)…

I was looking to open up another account at
this hosting company - oneandone because,
from all I read, Google’s search engines …
ranks you higher if you are linked from different IPs. …

and then I found a website called … OneAndOne Sucks
which mentioned they pull a similiar scam with
users just like my local phone service provider - AT and T
pulls …they never let go of your credit card … and continue
to double bill … long after you have cancelled your
service and your contract with them has ended.
Then the foo begins as you get entangled in
the web of deception and pay for service you no
longer have … (and their only argument is …
Sir … it’s customer policy … although no one
can quote that elusive customer policy or where
it is written) :slight_smile:

Well … the OneandOne Sucks site … praised DREAMHOST.

I had never heard of Shared Hosting before. I was
confused by Dreamhost’s marketing -
especially the part ------'Host Unlimited Domains."
And could not figure out … because I never did
before … if they could all be hosted on one
account … because none of my other providers do

I checked out at dedicated servers for 99 - 300 bucks a month over the last year… even thought of hooking one
up to my cable connection at home …
but it is all far our of my price range or my skill level …
and to service a home server … ah … more hours
I don’t have …

I could not believe DreamHost’s Marketing plan
was for real… and I emailed support … over and over.

And … they are great support …They put up with
my incessant emails … and never waited more
than minutes to get my answers … and they
were friendly … supportive answers.
Sounds like people who LIKE THEIR JOB

With my other other providers, I’m paying
about 120 plus bucks a year for each domain hosted …
… and that’s a measily 5-10 pages on each…

I have a bunch of domains I bought … threw them in
dreamhost last night… man … this is fun …The hosting
panel is great … and Dreamhost lets you run audio and video … even cooler. I can experiment
with some flash on my pages. This is like the hosting
company from heaven … Better than having your
own server at home.

I can not believe it …the prices are so low … it’s like
we’re STEALING IT !!

One question … I know nothing about PHP languaging
or scripts … I know dreamweaver with its built in ftp
agent … I would like to set up a little membership site … I KNOW NADA about installing php scripts or if it is
possible … or if there is a script already on Dreamhost…


I started playing with simple html programs back
12 years ago … no one let you run CGI back then
… and we only had grey backgrounds and all text
left aligned… (and we were using slow dial up)

Matter of fact … the only web browser was a shakey
little thing called Mosaic.


or maybe little things please me … :slight_smile:

I read all of JOSH’S POSTs in the Dreamhost blog …
this is really cool. I feel like I’ve gone back in time
to my college days … and Dreamhost feels like a
superpowered, messy … college dorm room
on line … where someone hotwired the college’s main-
frames … and is providing everyone with free access.
I know it isn’t that way … but it sure feels good.

Well … going to look around a little more on here.
Thanks Dreamboat…

And if someone can help with set up a membership
site … php script … that would be cool …


First of all, I could not figure out what is your question.

[quote]I was
confused by Dreamhost’s marketing -
especially the part ------'Host Unlimited Domains."[/quote]
I thought you were confused with this feature. But later one, you said you threw some of your domains to DH. So I guess you are fine here.

At last, I think you need help to set up a membership site using PHP script. Usually the free script of this comes together with blog, forum, etc. For example, PHPBB has member registration feature.

If you want to have a forum or blog, you can just install them from DH Goodies. They already have membership feature. If you want to have membership for other purspose, you have to program your own. And if you are not familar with PHP script and MySQL, it gonna be difficult for you. :frowning:

If you have to, you have to learn some basic knowledge of PHP and MySQL. Try to learn how to create tables and insert data in MySQL and how to connect to MySQL using PHP. If you have a little programming knowledge, they are not very difficult to achieve.

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