Setting up a Joomla site on a reseller account


If, down the line, I decide to get an account directly from DreamHost, will the switch be easy/seamless? Will the site have to be moved to a new server?


Shouldn’t be a hassle and it won’t matter if it’s on a different server or not.


If you get a new account from DH, you will have to move the site to new folder which may be at the same server or a different server. The files must reside in /home/newuser/ folder.

You will also need to move your database as well.

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Thanks for your reply. I’m sure the move would go smoothly, but you know how it is with Joomla, it’s a bit more complex than the old days of basic HTML.

So let’s say, there are many members that join…and there’s all these other installed components and databases…
will that be a problem?

If theres a chance that it MIGHT be…I’d be more comfortable starting out with my own hosting plan now…

Thanks again.



And thanks for the code. I’m sold.


What do you mean by “on a reseller account”?

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If your domain is already hosted here, you won’t be able to use a Promo code and move that domain to your own account. Even without the promo code, you’ll have to contact support to allow the domain move to a new account because it’s blocked by default.

DreamHost doesn’t allow that because it can lead to double-dipping in the promo-code offer. Get a 1 year discount. Wait 1 year. Set up a new account with a 1 year discount. Repeat. Nope.