Setting timezone

I am curious how one would set one’s timezone throughout DH. I am in Western Europe and it’s tedious to have to add 9 hours to everything. I’ve checked everywhere and haven’t found a reference except for Perl.

I should also say that I’ve found a timezone offset in the forums but everywhere else throughout the system I haven’t got a clue… Thanks!

You can’t change the timezone for the server, that would effect everyone else you’re sharing it with. What you have to do is make use of software to change the ‘time stamp’ for you. Wordpress, Movable type, PHPBB all have built in functionality for this - just set your time zone, and then it will automatically correct the server time to your time zone.

If you’re writing your own scripts and the like, then you’ll have to write in something similiar to add on a few hours for you.


thanks for the response!