Setting my account help!

I run on a windows platform and I currently have SSH Secure File transfer. I have been trying to connect to and tries to connect for a long time, after about 20 minutes I receive a message saying : "Server responded “Connection closed by remote host. The connection to the remote host was lost. This usually means that the network connection has terminated or that the remote host computer was rebooted. Most network outages are short , so trying agaain may help”. I tried several times and nothing. Any suggestions?

Thanks GGG

Thanks a lot Dream Ninja! I downloaded FileZilla and I am able to have access to my domain. But right now I tried loading an index page for my site and I am not able to see it online. I dont know if I am dupping into the right folder. This interface is new to me .

On the bottom right side of the fileZilla window I get a “Remote Site:____________(my domain)” , then below this window I see a folder that is named “…”(only three dots!" Should I be dumping my index page there or create a new folder?"

Again, thanks a lot,