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On my DreamHost account I originally set up an index.shtml page at the root to serve as my home page. But I recently set up WordPress in a subdirectory called /blog/ and I would like that directory and the WordPress install to serve as my home page.

I’m not sure if there is a setting in the DreamHost control panel that will allow me to make the /blog/ directory the home directory, or if I should use some type of .htaccess file to do that.

Alternatively, should I move all my WordPress files from the /blog/ directory up to the root? That seems risky to me.

Any advice would be welcome.


The easiest way is to do a redirect. With a text editor create a file that has the following in it.

Redirect permanent /index.html

The above is assuming your files are html, just change extentions to what your files are.
Save this file to your computer at temp.htaccess
upload the file to your root directory(the folder same as your domain name)
Rename the file on the server to .htaccess
Windows does not allow file to start with a period which was the reason for the temp filename.
When uploading the file make sure the file is uploaded as a text or ascii and not binary as that may cause problems.
Also when saving the file on your computer make sure it is text only no formatting allowed or it will not work.
Since the file will be renamed on your server the filename on the computer doesn’t really matter what it’s named. So if the .txt is following it don’t worry about just remember to remove it when you rename it on the server.

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Worked like a charm. Thanks so much!

Your welcome

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