Setting Disk Quota (Limit) in Dreamhost

hi i am using General unlimited plan of Dreamhost… I am hosting domains for many of my clients. Is there any way to set the limit for Disk usage for specific Domains or atleast specific users ?

Please let me know,

by default the disk quota is unlimited for all the users. When i click that link it redirects me to the user setting page where i dont have any option to set disk limit… i only have options to change password etc.

P.s I registered three days ago and i am still in one month trial period. After that i will be charged…


i hope someone would help me out… no replies so far ???

No replies because most people were sleeping. No, you can’t set a quota. With “unlimited” disk space, I guess DH feels that there’s no need to set a quota. The best you can do is manually monitor each user’s disk space and send a reminder out when they exceed their quota. With some scripting magic, you can automate this process.

Thanks Sdayman,

Atleast now i got the answer from you.

I’m having the same problem… there used to be a “set disk quota” on the Manage User panel. Now it’s gone and everything is unlimited.

I hope Dreamhost brings this bandwidth/disk quota limit back for specific users and domains so we can limit certain users from abusing the unlimited space and bandwidth.

Then why does it say 10MB on each particular domain? And I don’t see any place for this to be increased.