Setting a Folder

I have set up a folder within my domain. I wish to allow a co worker to upload material to that folder. Hopefully set him up with a password etc

This folder he will load his own little website made in frontpage. How do i set this folder up like this?

his address would be

I just need to know what i actually should be looking to do.
As i mentioned, i made the folder already with my ftp.
Just dont know what to do from here.

Appreciate your direction

I had a couple of thoughts:

  1. I think the easiest way for you to have him have a little website is to create a subdomain for him to use - either a subdomain of your domain or a subdomain. You can set it up under a separate userid and password that you can give to him. He can then have full control over the content of that domain.

In fact, if you make this a subdomain, you can even give him a panel account from which he can install WordPress or other apps.

In either case, he can ftp his html and css using the credentials you give him if he wants to just have a static html site.

  1. If he’s using Frontpage, he’d have to watch out to not use Frontpage entensions. Would it be possible to get him to use some other WYSIWYG html editor? Frontpage is well-known for creating html that only works on web servers with Frontpage extensions turned on and there are fewer and fewer of those since Microsoft has susetted Frontpage.

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