Setting a Domain to a Sub-Domain


I currently have a domain registered and hosted on DreamHost, and I also have a sub-domain set up for someone else to use.

I would like that person to be able to buy their own domain not under my account, (lets say they want to buy, and host it on my site through their already existing sub-domain (lets say it was

I would like for it to be set up so that whenever someone goes to, it shows up as such in the URL, but they are actually viewing

First of all, I’d like to know if it would be fine for them to register a domain from somewhere like godaddy, and have it work under my account, or if I should get them to just register a domain at dreamhost (without hosting).

Secondly of course, I need some help getting their domain set up under my account, so that when someone goes to, they see that in their URL, and are actually viewing the content of without realizing it. I of course still want to work as normally.

That’s kind of confusing, so to straighten it out, My site is, which has the domain and hosting plan. The other person has a subdomain on my site which is That person would like to buy, and have it hosted on my account so that whenever someone goes to, while it appears to be in their address bar, they are actually viewing

I realize that my questions are kind of a mess, but any help would be appreciated. Thanks!


Have the person sign-up and setup an account, and then add the new domain to the system (it doesn’t matter who it is registered with, but new customers do get a free domain registration) by setting it to redirect to the existing subdomain. You can grant access privileges to the subdomain for the person so that they will be able to administer it. It seems like an ass-backwards way of doing it though.

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Well it is a bit confusing, but for what they want to do they don’t need a whole hosting plan, and since they already have a sub-domain from me it just seems to make sense to just get them to pay for their own domain and just point it to the already existing sub-domain.

So they should sign up under Dreamhost, and select the ‘Just a domain for now’ option rather than a hosting plan.
Then under MY control panel select the Add New Domain/Sub-Domain option with their domain in the Domain to host field and then fill in the Redirect option to redirect to their already existing Sub-domain.


Oh, and select them as the “FTP user / CGI-runs-as user”?

Actually, would this just all be a lot easier if I just pay for the new Domain on my account, give them the privileges for it and get them to pay me for it?


Actually, the registration of the domain and the hosting are completely independent, and needn’t be done through the same company. He can register the domain through any registrar and any method of payment, then set the Dreamhost DNS servers in the configuration for it there; then you can set up the domain under your DH account for hosting. If you set it to mirror the existing subdomain, it will work exactly as you want.

– Dan