Setting a default Promo Code

In spite of having included a promo code in every link to Dreamhost, according to my referral report 1 in 7 referrals didn’t include a promo code. I have double checked every link, and am unable to find a link that could cause this.

Proposed Solution:
Let us set a default promo code, that is valid for every referral we send to Dreamhost that doesn’t have another promo code set.

Hi Ottodv,
I will go ahead and forward this to our developers to see there is something that can be done about.
Thanks for the suggestion and let us know if you have anymore! :slight_smile:

Thanks Justin! :slight_smile:

p.s. I am sure I’ll come up with more suggestions over time…

Hi Ottodv,

No problem! :smiley:
We love hearing suggestions from you guys! It always gives us something to bug our devs about :stuck_out_tongue:
But in all seriousness, we really do appreciate any and all feedback. A lot of customer feedback is what and will keep making DreamHost what we are today.
Thanks again!