Set your Nameservers

Hi, i just created my account and am actually in my control panel now. I have just chosen my free domain name. I want to know where it says ‘Set Your Nameservers’ they have, etc. Can I change them (because it seems I can) to I would prefer this, but if anyone can give me more info on whether this is advisable or not and why, I’d be very appreciative.

No, that particular option is for configuring your domain to use external name servers. This is useful (for example) if you wish to host the domain elsewhere, while leaving the domain registration here at DreamHost.

You can configure things so that your name servers look like etc. but it isn’t as simple as using the ‘Set Your Nameservers’ function. The thread linked below has more details on the procedure.


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I believe that mark has explained clearly.

You should modify “Set your nameservers” only

  1. if you have a domain name registered somewhere else and you want to point to DH. you can do this by setting the nameserver as


  1. if you have domain registered in DH and you want to point to somewhere else. You need to set the nameservers to the new server name.

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I think they’ve missed the last option:

If your domain is registered at DH and you host with DH then you don’t want to change your nameservers.