Set Users to Directories

I’m trying to figure out how to set up a user to have access to a specific sub domain.

I have a subdomain

and I want my user (elisenp) which I have just created, to be able to access the directory for this sub-domain, so that they can upload images, makes changes, etc.

But when I log in with elisenp (which is an FTP user) I am unable to see any of the files in the directory… and unable to add files.

How do I configure this?



You haven’t setup the subdomain properly.You need to make the ‘Web Directory’ for the domain be a subdirectory in elisenp’s home directory.

Login to the Control Panel, and go to Domains -> Web. ‘Edit’ the subdomain so that the CGI user shown is ‘elisenp’. Then click ‘Save Web Service’ and that should be it, it may take a while though before Apache starts serving the files from there though.

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Ok, I did that, but now when I try to upload files with elisenp I get an FTP error permission denied? If elisenp is an FTP user why is permission denied for it to upload files? I didn’t see any additional options to set in the user area…?

Contact support…you probably now have ownership issues. Can you determine whom the owner of /home/elisenp/subdomain is? It should be ‘elisenp’ of course, but in the event it is not, support can fix that.

Each directory or file has an owner. The owner gets to decide if others in the same group or in the public can have read, write, execute permissions. The default permissions for directories is 755, where group or public users cannot write (create directory entries: create files in the directory) but the owner can. So most likely /home/elisenp/subdomain is not owned by elisenp, or perhaps it is but the permissions are not 755.

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