Set up web hosting?

Hi everyone,

I’m wondering if there is some new special trick for setting up web hosting that I have missed an announcement about?

I transferred a domain name from one account to another account, both at dreamhost.

I checked, and it is no longer showing in the old one and is showing in the new one.

I checked in the Registrations area of the new account, and I see the name sitting there as if registered properly, and in the last column on the right where it says “hosting”, this one is marked as “fully” which was my goal - to have it fully hosted.

checking in “Manage Users”, I have 2 users set up as “unlimited user” so that I should be able to ftp with either of them.

when I try to ftp up (via dos command prompt, which is what I usually use), I am able to get in fine with one of the domains in this account, but not the other one (namely, the one I want to go into!). I know the webFTP is still broken, but that’s okay. I have used that in the past and it is okay and I can use it again someday when it is working again. but normally I use regular dos to ftp directly and that works fine for me. it is also still working fine for my various other sites, so it seems like this is the only one with the problem, as far as I can tell.

I’m just feeling confused, really. I’ve put up quite a few sites now and set up hosting several times and that sort of thing and I think I have a pretty decent understanding of how it works in general, but something is different this time, and I don’t know quite enough to figure it out.

the site in question is

if you visit there, you’ll see something is already up, yes, but that’s the old stuff. I am trying to take down all of that today, and put up a whole new complete site.

thanks for any guidance or suggestions


More info . . . . .

I just read the post below this one, titled “Am I Missing Something?” and it seems very similar . . . . .

anyone know if something is up?



well, never mind after all, as I believe I have figured the situation out, after all.