Set up time?

How long after I submit my billing info will my account be useable?

veritably immediate

That is you can login to the webpanel and configure things and upload stuff via ftp/shell but it will take a day or 3 for DNS related issues to resolve, so your domain may not be visible to everyone everywhere for that period but that will be true no matter where ye be


Account approval can take varying amounts of time. Often accounts are approved automatically, but sometimes we require a fax form and / or manual approval by a staff member.

oops =0 yeah, what he said. I forgot about the approval bit.

Seems like mine have all been immediate tho? I’ve always used a credit card and pay a yearly fee up front fwiw.

sorry about the misinformation


It just depends. I don’t want to get too specific, but obviously companies like ours deal with a lot of credit card fraud. There are a number of things we consider before automatically approving an account. In many / most cases, there aren’t many red flags, and the account is automatically approved.

I have officially signed up! My previous host stole my money and snuck out of town without a word of warning or apology which left me somewhat bitter.

I just got email that my web service is enabled. That was superfast.

Thanks for the replies.

Is the fax form not a requirement? I think last year during the signing up process, I was asked to fax a completed form to DH.
What happens to the forms when the accounts are approved? Do they get destroyed, or turned into paper missiles, or…?

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I think we have 'em in a file somewhere. :>

The fax form isn’t always required.

Well, I’ve just signed up but I have a problem. Dont have fax at home, not allowed to send faxes for international numbers from office and nowhere near to use a public one. Also, I’m from Portugal and it is almos 08 PM. NO public services open to use a fax.

How can i do this? What do you need to check my integrity?

Just received an e-mail from Dreamhost telling me that the account was aproved. I think that means that I dont need to send the fax. Great. Count with me for the nex 100 years.

Thank you.

mine was approved right away, so were the other 2 accounts I opened up for my buddies.