Set up sunspot using Capistrano on Dreamhost



I have read the answer for a similar question asked on SO before, but could not make heads or tails of it. I installed the suspot_rails gem and followed other steps to set up sunspot on my local box using the instructions mentioned on railscast (

My personal website is hosted on Dreamhost & I need to set up sunspot. I have been using Capistrano for deploying stuff to production by a simple command: cap deploy. Could anyone list please list the steps I need to perform to deploy solr to production using this setting. I understand that I need to create a place for solr to exist on production because the sunspot.yml file says:

hostname: localhost
port: 8983
log_level: WARNING

Thank you


Where would you like to install solr? On anything but a DreamCompute instance you probably need to do a lot of work only to get solr installed without sudo. Have you tried installing solr ‘manually’ first?