Set-up sub folder w_passwords

I want to set-up password protected folders within my site. I see 3 folders when I connect with FETCH. “logs”, “maildir” and my “mysite” folder. I want to create several folders within the “mysite” folder that are password protected, so that my clients can drop/receive files but not see/retrieve my other client folders.

How do I do this.


Im also interested about it!

You can do this in the Web panel by going to Goodies -> Htaccess/WebDAV, selecting the domain then clicking Configure a new directory.


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I didn’t know about the appropriate DH panel link when I did this, so I ended up using a code generator. It was simple, I just used the output to create .htaccess and .htpasswd files, then uploaded them with ftp. Don’t know if this would be a useful link in your case, but I thought it was convenient.

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