Set-up Questions

Ok here is what I have thus far…

I already have a website with hosting from another provider… (Provided free of charge thus I have no desire to change)

I registered and used the 1-click install
I am only looking for the wiki, phpbb, and wordpress
When I click on manage under the control panel it goes to
But I only get an error saying the server not found.

Did I miss something?
or do I just need to wait until the DNS “propogates”

Thank you.

ps. if you need any more information just ask i will reply asap. Thanks

Yeah, the DNS will take some time. Mine (NYC) took about 12 hours. Dreamhost has every possible extension that I think is “ready for primetime” and it’s all self serve, so I am sure you can configure your domain as you see fit, however you may well find that some of Dreamhost’s more unique offerings like Subversion and Jabber really set them apart<-;