Set up question

I am a rookie and need help. I am an archivist and librarian with super low tech skills… My site is up and working but I have one little thing that i would like to change… just not sure how.

I am using wordpress and used the one click install. At the time of dreamhost registration I entered my site name…

The registration prompted me to add a /xxxx so I added…

Can I get rid of that /installfolder ? or just change it to some different verbage like /home… i didn’t realize it would show up and be necessary to find my site.

Thanks in advance any help.


There are a couple ways. You can move WP to it’s own folder or you can keep it in that folder, but have it run out of

I would personally leave it in /installfolder, and use these directions to have to LOOK like it’s in the main folder:

But I like having WP in it’s own folder, I’m weird like that :wink: If you want to move it entirely, the directions are similar:

some options:
take a wp backup from the control panel and reinstall the server without subdir
[NOTE: when i did this in 2010 none of the media files were included and had to be manually re added. may be an easy way to do that on command line, or just maybe in wp admin page but i dont know it]
there are less drastic ways im sure

remap installfolder to some other name or empty, if it will let you (ive used the remap once or twice but dont remember all details of how it works. if it gets messed up you can delete the redirects and try again in panel)
when the other guy tells you to move the wordpress folder i think he means to log in via ssh and start cp and mv’ing things i believe and you would have to nano (text editor in terminal) at least one config file. cp=copy mv=move. you navigate with cd (change directory) andls (list files/directories). all of these commands have parameters and options which you can peruse by googling linux man pages (i have assumed you arent familiar with linux. sry if im wrong) if, other guy that is not what you mean, please provide details.

also, there is an application specifically for archivists available in one click installs called omeka. you can try it out on omekas company site. seemed pretty sweet when i looked a while back.

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