Set up push to iPhone


what information do i need, in terms of incoming mail server and outgoing mail server for squirrel mail, so I can push my webmail to my iPhone? thanks
nevermind- i got it to push to iPhone


I do not think that DreamHost’s email system is capable of push email. You can do that with Gmail (by setting up using the Exchange configuration on your iOS device), and some commercial email systems, just not DH.

I use PolarisMail, which is capable of Push email with their “Enhanced” email package. Any Exchange or Open X-Change email provider will also be able to provide this feature.

On the other hand, your iPhone can be set to auto check email every 15 minutes. That’s not good enough?


Just to let you know that a feature has been suggested on the DH Panel to get push notification working.

You can vote for it to get implemented:



You believe in the vote system?


Well, if we’re going there, maybe also vote to improve the quality of spam filtering. It’s not very good.