Set up parallel web server

I run a site on a VPS using Drupal, which I set up & maintain myself (not a 1-click install, in other words). I want to upgrade from Drupal 6 to 7, but I’m anticipating that it’ll take a while to get right. So I wondered about setting up another web server on another port, pointing to a different Drupal directory, which I could activate only when I’m working on the upgrade.

Anyone done something like this? Is there a place in the web panel to set something like this up? Or if not, is it kosher to just fire up another Apache instance?


Well first off NEVER upgrade or make major changes like that to your live site first. ALWAYS have a development site and make changes there before deploying them to your live website. This makes sure you don’t break your website. I would highly recommend you set up a sub-domain ( or whatever you fancy) and copy your existing site over to it. Create a new mysql database just for development purposes and import a copy of your live database to that and update the configuration files of your test site so that they are pointing to the dev database. Then proceed to upgrade the development site only and work out any kinks. Then its just a matter of transferring what you have there to the live site and database once you are confident nothing is broken.