Set up of SSL for Strictly Business Plan?

Simply put, how do I do this? I am suppose to get a free cert’ at the “Strictly Business” level, however, the control panel makes it appear as if I need to buy one. Is this something that I need to go through support for?

( Information in this post is incorrect, sorry. Please see post below for revised and corrected information )

Grrrr… Your description of services is VERY misleading then:

“Typically you need to pay about $125/year for your own ‘secure certificate’ to use SSL. However, we include the cost of one in our Strictly Business plan.”

Ack! Sorry, I take everything I said back. I was wrong.

You’re right! Dreamhost even pays for the certificate! Amazing!

Check out:

That is amazing, actually. I didn’t know this and I’m amazed by this! Wow! Nice one, dreamhost!


(an even happier dreamhost cusomter)